Explore Africa

September 15, 2018

About the Event

Explore Africa is a pop-up event that brings together vibrant African culture with creative activities and entertainment designed for just for kids. We are excited to be partnering with African Beat to offer an exciting interactive drumming session, along with dance, face painting and crafts with our vibrant Ethni facilitators. 

The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for children to have fun, express their creative side and engage with the vibrant cultures and people that call Australia home.

Your Hosts


Ethni is a social enterprise that brings together culture and creativity to offer unique and enriching experiences for children and young people. All their programs are facilitated by young women from around the world who love sharing their cultural knowledge and creative talents with you through fun and engaging activities! Their purpose is to provide opportunities for children and young people to learn about and celebrate the vibrant cultures that call Australia home, while providing supported and meaningful employment for young women from culturally diverse backgrounds. Learn more about them at... ethni.com.au or on the social medias @ethni.aus. 

African Beat

African Beat brings people together through the power of drumming in an entertaining and educational way. They LOVE to delight our clients with dynamic, up-beat displays of Authentic African Entertainment. Led by renowned Master Drummer, Tuza, who is the creative force behind all African Beat’s programs, our African entertainers are sure to delight any audience. Check them out at... africanbeat.com.au or on the social medias at @africanbeatdrumming. 

Andfit Crossfit

We'd also like to do a shout out to Andfit Crossfit who are kind enough to be supplying us an awesome venue for the event. Check out what they have to offer at... https://www.andfit.com.au/

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Don't hesitate to give us a shout on hello@ethni.com.au or 0450 70 60 50. 



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